Transportation Access

Yonemori Hospital

Address 〒890-0062 Kagoshima City, Yojiro 1-7-1
Telephone 099-230-0100(domestic)
FAX 099-230-0101(domestic)

Bus Access

From Kagoshima Chuo Station [The bus takes approximately 15 minutes]

City Bus Line 16-2 Kamoike Port・Shimin Bunka Hall Line (From Chuo Station Mae) [Bus Stop: Yojiro 1chome ]
Line 27 Kencho・Yojiro Line [Bus Stop: Yojiro 1chome]
Kagoshima Kotsu Bus No. 32-1 toward Kamoike Port [Bus Stop: Kyougetsutei Mae・Yonemori Byoin Mae ] Kagoshima Kotsu Bus

※Estimated Time Needed: 11 minutes

From Kamoike Port

City Bus Line 16 Kamoike Port・Bunka Hall Line[Bus Stop: Yojiro 1chome ]
Line 16-2 Kamoike Port・Bunka Hall Line (From Chuo Station Mae) [Bus stop: Yojiro 1 chome]
Kagoshima Kotsu Bus No. 32-1 toward Yamakataya Bus Center [Bus Stop: Yonemori Byoin Mae ] Kagoshima Kotsu Bus

※Estimated Time Needed: 14 minutes

City Tram Access

City Tram toward Hasegawa Get off at Aratahachiman and walk for approximately 15 minutes.

Car Access

Using the Highway

Take the Kagoshima IC exit, then drive in the direction of Yojiro for 10 minutes.
The hospital is near ‘Frespo Jungle Park’ Mae

From Downtown Kagoshima City

Yojiro ‘Frespo Jungle Park’ Mae

Parking at Yonemori Hospital

  • Parking is available for outpatients.
    Parking is not available for patients who have been admitted to the hospital.
  • Other visitors, please go to the first floor reception counter upon arrival.
    1.Parking for patients and family of patients who are on the first day of their hospital stay, on the day of surgery, taking medical tests, or visiting a doctor….Free
      ※Please confirm the patient’s identity upon arrival.
    2.Visitors for hospitalized patients……..1 hour free (After the 1st hour, 100 JPY/ 30 minutes)