Personal Information Protection Policy

Our Hospital is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information created or obtained about our patients and the personal information of other related persons. In accordance with international trends and in conformity with applicable norms and regulations on the protection of personal information, we have established the Personal Information Protection Policy to outline how we use and disclose your personal information.


  1. The privacy policies declared by our hospital shall be followed by all hospital personnel (officers, doctors, nurses, therapists, health care professionals, administrative staff, trainees, volunteers, part-time employees, temporary workers, advisors and all other contracted persons) who shall work to improve and maintain the confidentiality of your personal information.
  2. We shall take extensive security measures to prevent the loss, destruction, leakage or tampering of personal information.
  3. We shall ensure that your personal information be provided through lawful and fair means. If your personal information has been compromised, which means it has been used or disclosed in a way inconsistent with privacy policies or regulations, we will take the necessary measures to notify you directly or post a notification on the hospital’s homepage.
  4. In regards to personal data (confidential personal information), we shall accept reasonable requests for the disclosure of medical records and respect your right to request amendments and restrictions to your medical information. These requests shall be facilitated at the hospital reception desk.
  5. We shall honor requests to share personal information with third parties or businesses in accordance with contractual rules to provide additional services (including fulfillment of contract) and to enhance or coordinate health care.
  6. The use of personal information shall be assumed to be authorized solely for use by the individual who provided the information and shall only be disclosed to conduct relevant business activities.
  7. We do not provide personal information to third parties in principle. In the case that personal information is released to a third party, to request further medical care, for medical billing, as requested by government agencies, or for medical research, we shall release the information in accordance with applicable laws and restrictions.
  8. We are committed to maintaining the latest and most accurate personal information.
  9. Our hospital shall not collect personal information regarding:

    (1) Opinions on religion or personal beliefs

    (2) Race, ethnicity, family origin, criminal history or any cause for social discrimination.

    (3) Rights of workers, collective action or collective bargaining.

    (4) Participation in collective industrial action, exercise of political rights or the right to petition.