Hospitalization Admission Procedures

Hospital Admission Procedures

Items to Present at Reception

  • Health evaluation forms, personal seal, proof of health insurance (health insurance certificate, etc.)
  • Hospitalization forms
  • Description of health condition, visitor request forms

What to Bring for Your Hospital Stay

  • Pajamas, underwear, personal toiletries (towel, hairbrush, cup, soap, shampoo)
  • Tissues, teacup/mug, indoor slippers (flat, comfortable athletic or walking shoes, if possible )
  • Please do not bring unnecessary items.

※Avoid bringing valuables or large amounts of cash with you to the hospital.

Guide to Hospital Admission Procedures

  1. Please submit health insurance information (health insurance certificate or card) to reception at check-in.
    ※Please notify reception immediately if there have been any changes to your coverage.
  2. Submit hospitalization documents, descriptions of previous existing conditions, and visitor request forms to reception at check-in.
  3. Please bring your personal registered seal with you.
  4. If you have disaster or accident Insurance, please bring this documentation with you.
  5. If you require special assistance, please inform reception immediately.
  6. If you were in a traffic accident, health insurance forms will be required. Please submit this documentation as soon as possible.
  7. If you would like to stay in a private room, please inform reception when you are admitted to the hospital.